Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here is an image of the Killer Klown rig I set up ( A rig is the control system for any given character). In this image the green objects are the bones. They deform the mesh in a way that real bones do.

The various boxes and ellipses are objects that you use to control the rig. This rig is pretty much mine from the ground up. I used the old basic IK ( Inverse Kinematics) setup for C4D and used it with a few tweaks and plugins I found and had made for me. namely West's advanced Target Node.

This allows what is called a rotate plane solver ( I will explain it someday). The red triangles control the elbows and the knees orientation without moving the hands or the feet. That way you can control the elbows and knees and keep the hands or feet planted. The only thing this particular setup didn't have was a morph system.


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