Thursday, June 01, 2006

I built this Character in Cinema 4d v8.5. I really like evil looking clowns. This guy is obviously inspired by the "Killer Klownz from Outer Space" (filmed in santa Cruz before the 89 quake If you want to see what Santa Cruz looked like before it was destroyed by that quake this is a good reference film).

Since I have built this guy. Cinema 4D has cloth as well as that great translucency plugin I was talking about in my earlier post.

I had a unicycle built for him that had a pentagram shaped rim. I was gonna have him do a ll this mean and nasty stuff. Now that I am more confident with my animation chops I may just do a short with him. If I can find the time.

The image is not the highest quality. I have to re-rig and re-texture him since I lost my master in an HD crash. So please excuse the poor compression quality of the image.


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