Thursday, June 01, 2006

I once had a wild hair about making fan films. I wrote a treatment for a short Ghostbusters fan film. I had locations and even a few actors to play in it for me. Alas someone beat me to it. I still may do something with it.

Most people dont know that Slimer is actually supposed to be the ghost of Jon Belushi. I f you look at the film Slimer pigs out on hot dogs much like how Jon Belushi did in the film Animal House. It was sort of an inside joke for the crew.

Chris Farley lived his life in a very similar copycat manner. he used to joke about how he wanted to die just like Jon Belushi and there are a few very similar aspects to both of their demise.

So in my short film I made the ghost based on Chris Farley. Sort of an inside inside joke. That Chris Farley not only copycatted Belushi in life and death but in the after life as well.


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