Thursday, June 01, 2006

4. Hands. Shows how to set up bones and add controllers to them through xpresso nodes. I set up a series of spline based objects for easier selection. The spline boxes have sliders attached to them so that when you want to control the various finger rolls you just select the boxes and then move the slider. They will update in realtime.

The real beauty to this is that if you want to make a fist with all of the fingers just select all the boxes of a given hand and then rotate them along the pitch axis. you can keyframe multiple items in c4d this way. I set up the tips of the fingers to be procedural. so that the last 2 digits will rotate together.

Mostly so that you can get special finger moves like if you wanted your character to hang by his finger tips you could do that. but also lessen the amount of controls needed to control all the bones of the hand. the thumb I dont setup this way anymore. I actually just set it up from the second bone from the root now. is just less problematic


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