Thursday, June 01, 2006

Weighting. a quicky tutorial showing how to weight in realtime and get realtime feedback in the viewport. I use C4D's standard vertex selections for the weighting. Honestly I think that CB is still not mature and is not conducive to realtime playback within the editor. What i do here is create an objec to be deformed. Set a few bones in it. Drop them all into a hypernurbs object ( for you guys with slower computers you can turn the subdivisons down to zero in this case. the Hypernurb is only used in this case because hypernurbs create a sort of instance of your object and will show you the smoothing/weighting of your finished piece without and damage to the original mesh).

I apply restriction tags to the bones and put names in the selection fields. Then i create a vertex map ( in vertex paint mode) and then name the tag the same thing I named the bones. Now when i start painting weights ( I use set all that adding and subtracting can get confusing) you will see the influence of the bones deformation on the mesh. I moved the bones so that i will be able to see the deformation. if your bones and your mesh are in the same position you might not be able to see the deformations while you are painting the weights. I just set my bones function settings to 1/r^10. If you set the root bones setting at that function setting every bone along the chain after that will observe the same settings.

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