Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here is the updated version of the PMan rig I posted a while back. Is a freebie rig that is fully articulated. The rig is the same one that I outlined in my earlier rigging tutorials. It is a fast rig that will give you realtime feedback in the editor. The Red triangles are the up vectors that control the orientation of the knees and elbows. There are sliders on the feet objects that control the various foot rolls. The sliders on the hand targets will control the position and rotation of the hands. also the slider on the hands will control the entire hand in a clenched position as well as unhide more detailed controls ( cubes that control each finger separately in this case). The spine is a simple FK (Forward Kinematics) rig. Select the cubes along the torso (including the head) and rotate them. This way you can have isolated control over the various sections of the spine without having to counter rotate any other part of the torso. The global control that controls the entire upper bodies rotation and position is the circle object at the waist. The rig is designed to be controlled by selecting the objects in the editor window and articulating controls in the Attribute Manager. Selecting any object in the object manager is actually not necessary to control the rig. The targets are either spline objects or Null objects. For the most unclutterred animating setup turn selections off for Bones, Null Bones, Hypernurbs and Polygons . Also hiding the Bones and Null Bones it will make the scene more uncluttered so you can more easily select the controls objects. I will post a few tutorials on how to animate a basic walk cycle soon. ( right click image for scenefile)


Blogger nataz said...

Really nice rig, thx a lot for the example.
One point though, when animating what is the simpliest solution for keying? I mean do i have to select all bones and effectors then to add a key or is there a easier way?
Thanks again

1:33 AM  
Blogger DMontenegro said...

Actually Th ebest way to animat ethe PMan rig is by keyframing the targets that drive the rig. I nthis case the boxes and trinagles that are floating around the rig itself. The torso is controlle by th evarious boxes up the spine. Rotate them and keyframe them. the targets can be rotated and moved as well to drive the arms and the legs. The red triangles are up vectors so their positions are the only thing that will affect the rig.

5:55 PM  

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